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BABUJI OLD AGE HOME is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit; institution established in December 1996 with the aim of providing home for the homeless. Mrs, J.Rita Late, Founder of Babuji home for aged. She took a house on a nominal rent and gave shelter to half a dozen elders. This propelled her to later on establish a centre for the homeless. Her biggest source of inspiration has been mother Terasa ,  to devote herself to caring for the sick and poor. that motivated her  to dedicate her  life to this institution.
What is meant by older?
The European Commission has defined the third age as beginning at the age of 50. Ageing is an individual matter. Chronological age is a poor indication of physical and mental age. Older is currently defined mainly in the social and economic terms of retirement age and pensions. Yet the overall situation in the populations of Western Europe is a new one for societies: people now live longer, and are healthy and active longer than in any previous age. The 60-90 age groups already make up over 20% of the population.
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